What's the story with the Girl in the Little Red Dress?? Well, here it is.


I've been making jewelry and accessories for over 10 years. Several years ago I came across this little cartoon stick figure girl in a red dress and *boom* she became my girl. She is my profile picture on Facebook. She's on my cards, and my signs & posters. She's been on my invoices and receipts. She's on pretty much everything that has to do with

KSR Jewelry By Design.


I make a variety of styles and theme jewelry. One thing you may notice on my Facebook page is an abundance of Breast Cancer Awareness and Awareness items in general. These items are usually donated or otherwise passed along to people who have had cancer or know someone who has. Some were special requests. (But, what's that got to do with the Girl in the Little Red Dress? I'm getting there. :)


Since I've started making jewelry it has put me out there in places I normally would not have been....craft shows, the Farmers Market, benefits, and the like. Along the way I have met and made friends with some amazing people. Often while someone was browsing, a conversation would start and the "why and for who" of what they were looking at would come out. More times than not hugs and tears were exchanged and a new friend was made. I LOVE that about what I do.


Back to the Girl in the Little Red Dress. We all have someone who inspires us. My Mom was and still is my inspiration. I used to say she was my rudder...my guide. Even though she struggled with Multiple Sclerosis for many years and eventually became physically disabled, she was always smiling and never complained. She had the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever known. She had the ability to make you feel like everything you said mattered...no matter how trite.  She was the light of my life...my shining star...my guide. July 4th 1989 that light went out. She passed way too young after 37 days in the hospital from things not totally related to her MS. At one point during her hospital stay she seemed to be making headway. She was able to get dressed in something other than a hospital gown and sit in a recliner. She looked beautiful in her red dress with little white dots. The doctor called her his "miracle girl". Unfortunately this rebound was short lived and we lost her.


So, like I said...when I came across this cartoon stick figure girl in a little red dress with white dots, she has been mine ever since.

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